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Who are we?


The North America TETRA Forum (NATF) is an industry group whose purpose is to facilitate the adoption of TETRA as a standard in North America. NATF members include TETRA equipment manufacturers, vendors, application developers, consultants, and TETRA network operators/users.  TETRA has been fully licensed in both the USA and Canada since 2011. As a mature mission-critical communications suite, TETRA is deployed in over 130 countries worldwide in diverse applications such as mining, transportation, and utilities.


In additional to delivering advanced features like group calls, data, enhanced security, emergency functions, and excellent spectral efficiency, TETRA offers the following advantages:


ACELP Vocoder:

Unique to TETRA, and designed to deliver excellent voice quality in high noise environments.

DMO Gateways:

Coverage can be extended outside the network for both group and individual users, maintaining delivery of text messages, AVL data, PTT communications and more through the gateway.

Outdoor Base Stations:

A cost-efficient solution addressing coverage challenges without any need to deploy a large shelter, etc.

Simultaneous Voice & Data:

TETRA’s unique 4-slot TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) architecture allows time slots to be used for both voice and data simultaneously.

Full-Duplex Telephone Interconnect:

Allows the TETRA terminal, through a PBX, to operate just like a telephone.


Dynamic Group Numbering Assignment allows new user groups to be created and assigned in real time to meet changing requirements, such as incident response or other special circumstances.



The NATF supports potential customers who wish to have an objective review of available technologies for their communications needs, and provides assistance in defining user requirements. The NATF hosts workshops across North America where existing and potential users can learn current information and exchange experiences and ideas. We are also present at major industry shows, such as the International World Communications Expo (IWCE) and the Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) annual convention.


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